Are you fed up with the waste and smell of usual cat litter systems?

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Are you fed up with the waste and smell of usual cat litter systems?

Well now you can get rid of the smell and the waste with this great system by Husse.

The tray comes with a grid, and you use it with Eco Pellets. ECO Pellets are made of Pine fibre, which is an excellent natural antiseptic. The product is environmentally friendly without any harmful additives. The superb absorption power (300%) makes this product very economic. Used litter can easily be flushed down the toilet and does not clog sewer pipes.


Eco Pellets

The litter tray system has two sections. The upper part has a grating in the bottom. On this grating and in the lower section of the tray you put ECO Kattströ up to 2cm. When the cat urinates, 90% of the urine passes through the grating, falling to lower section of the tray. The rest of the cat urine is absorbed by the ECO Kattströ which is affected and falls apart into sawdust. The natural behaviour of scratching by the cat helps the sawdust to fall through the grating. You only need to throw away the sawdust that falls into the lower section. The only slight smell is of wood. No smell of cat urine can be scented. The cat’s paws are always kept dry.


The superb absorption power (300%) of ECO Kattströ make the use of the product very economic and ensure that you cat’s paws are always dry. Clean the lower section of the tray regularly. Shake the tray a little before emptying so any remaining saw dust in the upper section will fall in the lower section before you clean it. Every now and then remove the top container and rinse it. Add cat litter up to the 2cm mark in the top container every day.

So if you want to try this get product, email me and I can forward your details to a local Husse representative, or if you live in East London or Essex click here and I will arrange for a FREE food sample to be delivered to your door!

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