Have you seen the dog whisperer ?

The UK Dog Whisperer
The UK Dog Whisperer
The UK Dog Whisperer

Have you ever watched an episode of the dog whisperer ?

Over the next few months I am planning to expand my business, learning more about holistic health care for dogs, and about dog’s behaviour in order for me to offer more value to my clients when I walk their dogs, and to add new services and products to my business. So I decided to go for the Level I Dog Whispering course with the UK Dog Whisperer – who trained under Cesar Millan. What an amazing weekend – I learnt so much over this weekend and it was such an enjoyable course that I have already signed up for Level II in May, and looking forward to doing more practical work.

In the meantime I wanted to share with you just a few basic tips and facts that I learnt on the course.

Dogs (and all animals) only follow a calm, assertive energy and react to stress. They react to your energy coming down the leash. If you have a calm, assertive energy dogs will learn to trust and respect you as leader of the pack, and give you their loyalty.

Dogs live in the moment (if we could all do that the world would be a happier place!)

Dogs need a purpose – so it is good to get them to work for their food and shelter (by walking them, or sprinking dry food on the garden so they have to search for it). They need mental stimulation, so change your walks, where you go etc. They get bored doing the same thing every day just like humans, and need different smells, places etc. for mental stimulation.

Dogs are pack animals, and you have to assert yourself as pack leader – it is not their personality that controls them but their place in the pack as they see it (leader or follower)

Dogs don’t see size (really interesting – a huge dog doesn’t understand his size and neither does a small one!)

Are you having any behavioural problems with your dogs? Are they nervous, aggressive with other dogs, or possibly humans, or have no recall? I’d be really interested to know your issues, so I can learn more about that when I go back to the course in May.

If you are interested in understanding your dog’s behaviour more I would really recommend this course – I did the one in Essex but they do them all over the UK – and if you do decide to go ahead please comment below, and let us know how you found it!

And if you are interested to know more about my business, I am currently expanding and looking for more people to help me – so please get in touch.





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    1. Hi Is he dog reactive – or human reactive? I now sell the UK Dog Whisperer’s book – which you may find useful. Where are you based?

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